text=( text ) public

Sets the first Text child of this object. See text() for a discussion about Text children.

If a Text child already exists, the child is replaced by this content. This means that Text content can be deleted by calling this method with a nil argument. In this case, the next Text child becomes the first Text child. In no case is the order of any siblings disturbed.

text:If a String, a new Text child is created and added to this Element as the first Text child. If <a href="/ruby/REXML/Text">Text,</a> the text is set as the first Child element. If nil, then any existing first Text child is removed.
Returns:this Element.
 doc = Document.new '<a><b/></a>'
 doc.root.text = 'Sean'      #-> '<a><b/>Sean</a>'
 doc.root.text = 'Elliott'   #-> '<a><b/>Elliott</a>'
 doc.root.add_element 'c'    #-> '<a><b/>Elliott<c/></a>'
 doc.root.text = 'Russell'   #-> '<a><b/>Russell<c/></a>'
 doc.root.text = nil         #-> '<a><b/><c/></a>'
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