each_element_with_text( text=nil, max=0, name=nil ) public

Iterates through the children, yielding for each Element that has a particular text set.

text:the text to search for. If nil, or not supplied, will itterate over all Element children that contain at least one Text node.
max:(optional) causes this method to return after yielding for this number of matching children
name:(optional) if supplied, this is an XPath that filters the children to check.
 doc = Document.new '<a><b>b</b><c>b</c><d>d</d><e/></a>'
 # Yields b, c, d
 doc.each_element_with_text {|e|p e}
 # Yields b, c
 doc.each_element_with_text('b'){|e|p e}
 # Yields b
 doc.each_element_with_text('b', 1){|e|p e}
 # Yields d
 doc.each_element_with_text(nil, 0, 'd'){|e|p e}
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