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RDoc::Options handles the parsing and storage of options


DEPRECATED = { '--accessor' => 'support discontinued', '--diagram' => 'support discontinued', '--help-output' => 'support discontinued', '--image-format' => 'was an option for --diagram', '--inline-source' => 'source code is now always inlined', '--merge' => 'ri now always merges class information', '--one-file' => 'support discontinued', '--op-name' => 'support discontinued', '--opname' => 'support discontinued', '--promiscuous' => 'files always only document their content', '--ri-system' => 'Ruby installers use other techniques', }

Template = nil


[RW] charset

Character-set for HTML output. #encoding is preferred over #charset

[RW] dry_run

If true, RDoc will not write any files.

[RW] encoding

Encoding of output where. This is set via –encoding.

[RW] exclude

Files matching this pattern will be excluded

[RW] files

The list of files to be processed

[RW] force_output

Create the output even if the output directory does not look like an rdoc output directory

[RW] force_update

Scan newer sources than the flag file if true.

[RW] formatter

Formatter to mark up text with

[RW] generator

Description of the output generator (set with the --fmt option)

[RW] generator_options

Loaded generator options. Used to prevent –help from loading the same options multiple times.

[RW] hyperlink_all

Old rdoc behavior: hyperlink all words that match a method name, even if not preceded by ‘#’ or ‘::’

[RW] line_numbers

Include line numbers in the source code

[RW] main_page

Name of the file, class or module to display in the initial index page (if not specified the first file we encounter is used)

[RW] coverage_report

If true, only report on undocumented files

[RW] op_dir

The name of the output directory

[RW] option_parser

The OptionParser for this instance

[RW] pipe

Is RDoc in pipe mode?

[RW] rdoc_include

Array of directories to search for files to satisfy an :include:

[RW] show_hash

Include the ‘#’ at the front of hyperlinked instance method names

[RW] tab_width

The number of columns in a tab

[RW] template

Template to be used when generating output

[RW] template_dir

Directory the template lives in

[RW] title

Documentation title

[RW] update_output_dir

Should RDoc update the timestamps in the output dir?

[RW] verbosity

Verbosity, zero means quiet

[RW] webcvs

URL of web cvs frontend

[RW] visibility

Minimum visibility of a documented method. One of :public, :protected, :private. May be overridden on a per-method basis with the :doc: directive.

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