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# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/cookies.rb, line 350
      def handle_options(options) # :nodoc:
        if options[:expires].respond_to?(:from_now)
          options[:expires] = options[:expires].from_now

        options[:path] ||= "/"

        if options[:domain] == :all || options[:domain] == "all"
          # If there is a provided tld length then we use it otherwise default domain regexp.
          domain_regexp = options[:tld_length] ? /([^.]+\.?){#{options[:tld_length]}}$/ : DOMAIN_REGEXP

          # If host is not ip and matches domain regexp.
          # (ip confirms to domain regexp so we explicitly check for ip)
          options[:domain] = if (request.host !~ /^[\d.]+$/) && (request.host =~ domain_regexp)
        elsif options[:domain].is_a? Array
          # If host matches one of the supplied domains without a dot in front of it.
          options[:domain] = options[:domain].find { |domain| request.host.include? domain.sub(/^\./, "") }
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