v3.2.13 - Show latest stable - 0 notes - Class: ActionDispatch::Cookies::CookieJar
permanent() public

Returns a jar that’ll automatically set the assigned cookies to have an expiration date 20 years from now. Example:

cookies.permanent[:prefers_open_id] = true
# => Set-Cookie: prefers_open_id=true; path=/; expires=Sun, 16-Dec-2029 03:24:16 GMT

This jar is only meant for writing. You’ll read permanent cookies through the regular accessor.

This jar allows chaining with the signed jar as well, so you can set permanent, signed cookies. Examples:

cookies.permanent.signed[:remember_me] = current_user.id
# => Set-Cookie: remember_me=BAhU--848956038e692d7046deab32b7131856ab20e14e; path=/; expires=Sun, 16-Dec-2029 03:24:16 GMT
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