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unscoped(#:nodoc:) public

Returns a scope for this class without taking into account the default_scope.

  class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
    default_scope :published => true

  Post.all          # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE published = true"
  Post.unscoped.all # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts"

This method also accepts a block meaning that all queries inside the block will not use the default_scope:

  Post.unscoped {
    limit(10) # Fires "SELECT * FROM posts LIMIT 10"

It is recommended to use block form of unscoped because chaining unscoped with named_scope does not work. Assuming that published is a named_scope following two statements are same.

Post.unscoped.published Post.published

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November 7, 2011 - (<= v3.0.9)
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unscoped.all / unscoped.count

At least in console, doing unscoped.all or unscoped.count initially returns expected results but, after you’ve added new records outside of the default_scope those two calls seem to use some cached values.

Therefore it should always be used with the block (as they sort of imply in the doc). unscoped { all } and unscoped {count }