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attributes=(attributes) public

Allows you to set all the attributes at once by passing in a hash with keys matching the attribute names (which again matches the column names). Sensitive attributes can be protected from this form of mass-assignment by using the attr_protected macro. Or you can alternatively specify which attributes can be accessed in with the attr_accessible macro. Then all the attributes not included in that won’t be allowed to be mass-assigned.

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October 1, 2009
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Update attributes on mulitple models

Updates attributes on multiple models, saves each if validations pass.

def update_multiple

  @items = Item.find(params[:item_ids])
  @items.each do |item|
    item.attributes = params[:item].reject { |k,v| v.blank? }
  if @items.all?(&:valid?)
    flash[:notice] = "Updated items!"
    redirect_to items_path
    flash[:notice] = "Please enter valid data."
    render :action => 'edit_multiple'
October 26, 2010 - (>= v3.0.0)
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Use super to override, and not alias_method_chain

Somehow, If you want to extend the behaviour of attributes=,

alias_method_chain does not work. It simply breaks (could not find out how exactly).

def attributes_with_some_feature=(new_attributes, guard_protected_attributes = true)
  attributes_without_some_feature=(new_attributes, guard_protected_attributes)
alias_method_chain :attributes=, :some_feature

this breaks the code. dynamic finders and assignments didn’t work as before (Even though no behaviour has changed yet).


def attributes=(new_attributes, guard_protected_attributes = true)
  # custom code
  super(new_attributes, guard_protected_attributes)

does work as expected.

I prefer using alias_method_chain for breaking open existing functionality, but in this case it won’t work.

April 6, 2011
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the source is wrong!

in 3.0.5, the source code in line 15 looks like this:

respond_to?(:"#{k}=") ? send(:"#{k}=", v) : raise(UnknownAttributeError, "unknown attribute: #{k}")

whats wrong with apidock?