add_attribute( key, value=nil ) public

Adds an attribute to this element, overwriting any existing attribute by the same name.


can be either an Attribute or a String. If an Attribute, the attribute is added to the list of Element attributes. If String, the argument is used as the name of the new attribute, and the value parameter must be supplied.


Required if key is a String, and ignored if the first argument is an Attribute. This is a String, and is used as the value of the new Attribute. This should be the unnormalized value of the attribute (without entities).


the Attribute added

e = Element.new 'e'
e.add_attribute( 'a', 'b' )               #-> <e a='b'/>
e.add_attribute( 'x:a', 'c' )             #-> <e a='b' x:a='c'/>
e.add_attribute Attribute.new('b', 'd')   #-> <e a='b' x:a='c' b='d'/>
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