attribute( name, namespace=nil ) public

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# File lib/rexml/element.rb, line 578
    def attribute( name, namespace=nil )
      prefix = nil
      if namespaces.respond_to? :key
        prefix = namespaces.key(namespace) if namespace
        prefix = namespaces.index(namespace) if namespace
      prefix = nil if prefix == 'xmlns'

      ret_val =
        attributes.get_attribute( "#{prefix ? prefix + ':' : ''}#{name}" )

      return ret_val unless ret_val.nil?
      return nil if prefix.nil?

      # now check that prefix'es namespace is not the same as the
      # default namespace
      return nil unless ( namespaces[ prefix ] == namespaces[ 'xmlns' ] )

      attributes.get_attribute( name )

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