write(output=$stdout, indent=-1, transitive=false, ie_hack=false) public


See REXML::Formatters

Writes out this element, and recursively, all children.


output an object which supports ‘<< string’; this is where the

document will be written.


An integer. If -1, no indenting will be used; otherwise, the indentation will be this number of spaces, and children will be indented an additional amount. Defaults to -1


If transitive is true and indent is >= 0, then the output will be pretty-printed in such a way that the added whitespace does not affect the parse tree of the document


This hack inserts a space before the /> on empty tags to address a limitation of Internet Explorer. Defaults to false

out = ''
doc.write( out )     #-> doc is written to the string 'out'
doc.write( $stdout ) #-> doc written to the console
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