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static VALUE
rb_io_init_copy(VALUE dest, VALUE io)
    rb_io_t *fptr, *orig;
    int fd;
    VALUE write_io;
    off_t pos;

    io = rb_io_get_io(io);
    if (!OBJ_INIT_COPY(dest, io)) return dest;
    GetOpenFile(io, orig);
    MakeOpenFile(dest, fptr);


    /* copy rb_io_t structure */
    fptr->mode = orig->mode & ~FMODE_PREP;
    fptr->encs = orig->encs;
    fptr->pid = orig->pid;
    fptr->lineno = orig->lineno;
    if (!NIL_P(orig->pathv)) fptr->pathv = orig->pathv;
    fptr_copy_finalizer(fptr, orig);

    fd = ruby_dup(orig->fd);
    fptr->fd = fd;
    pos = io_tell(orig);
    if (0 <= pos)
        io_seek(fptr, pos, SEEK_SET);
    if (fptr->mode & FMODE_BINMODE) {

    write_io = GetWriteIO(io);
    if (io != write_io) {
        write_io = rb_obj_dup(write_io);
        fptr->tied_io_for_writing = write_io;
        rb_ivar_set(dest, rb_intern("@tied_io_for_writing"), write_io);

    return dest;
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