rm_r(list, force: nil, noop: nil, verbose: nil, secure: nil) public

remove files list[0] list[1]… If list[n] is a directory, removes its all contents recursively. This method ignores StandardError when :force option is set.

FileUtils.rm_r Dir.glob('/tmp/*')
FileUtils.rm_r 'some_dir', :force => true

WARNING: This method causes local vulnerability if one of parent directories or removing directory tree are world writable (including /tmp, whose permission is 1777), and the current process has strong privilege such as Unix super user (root), and the system has symbolic link. For secure removing, read the documentation of #remove_entry_secure carefully, and set :secure option to true. Default is :secure=>false.

NOTE: This method calls #remove_entry_secure if :secure option is set. See also #remove_entry_secure.

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