cp_r(src, dest, preserve: nil, noop: nil, verbose: nil, dereference_root: true, remove_destination: nil) private

Copies src to dest. If src is a directory, this method copies all its contents recursively. If dest is a directory, copies src to dest/src.

src can be a list of files.

# Installing Ruby library "mylib" under the site_ruby
FileUtils.rm_r site_ruby + '/mylib', :force
FileUtils.cp_r 'lib/', site_ruby + '/mylib'

# Examples of copying several files to target directory.
FileUtils.cp_r %w(mail.rb field.rb debug/), site_ruby + '/tmail'
FileUtils.cp_r Dir.glob('*.rb'), '/home/foo/lib/ruby', :noop => true, :verbose => true

# If you want to copy all contents of a directory instead of the
# directory itself, c.f. src/x -> dest/x, src/y -> dest/y,
# use following code.
FileUtils.cp_r 'src/.', 'dest'     # cp_r('src', 'dest') makes dest/src,
                                   # but this doesn't.
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