const_missing(p1) public

Invoked when a reference is made to an undefined constant in mod. It is passed a symbol for the undefined constant, and returns a value to be used for that constant. The following code is an example of the same:

def Foo.const_missing(name)
  name # return the constant name as Symbol

Foo::UNDEFINED_CONST    #=> :UNDEFINED_CONST: symbol returned

In the next example when a reference is made to an undefined constant, it attempts to load a file whose name is the lowercase version of the constant (thus class Fred is assumed to be in file fred.rb). If found, it returns the loaded class. It therefore implements an autoload feature similar to Kernel#autoload and Module#autoload.

def Object.const_missing(name)
  @looked_for ||= {}
  str_name = name.to_s
  raise "Class not found: #{name}" if @looked_for[str_name]
  @looked_for[str_name] = 1
  file = str_name.downcase
  require file
  klass = const_get(name)
  return klass if klass
  raise "Class not found: #{name}"
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