const_get(*args) public

Checks for a constant with the given name in mod. If inherit is set, the lookup will also search the ancestors (and Object if mod is a Module).

The value of the constant is returned if a definition is found, otherwise a NameError is raised.

Math.const_get(:PI)   #=> 3.14159265358979

This method will recursively look up constant names if a namespaced class name is provided. For example:

module Foo; class Bar; end end
Object.const_get 'Foo::Bar'

The inherit flag is respected on each lookup. For example:

module Foo
  class Bar
    VAL = 10

  class Baz < Bar; end

Object.const_get 'Foo::Baz::VAL'         # => 10
Object.const_get 'Foo::Baz::VAL', false  # => NameError

If the argument is not a valid constant name a NameError will be raised with a warning “wrong constant name”.

Object.const_get 'foobar' #=> NameError: wrong constant name foobar
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