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start_sequence(anchor, tag, implicit, style) public

Called when a sequence is started.

anchor is the anchor associated with the sequence or nil. tag is the tag associated with the sequence or nil. implicit a boolean indicating whether or not the sequence was implicitly started. style is an integer indicating the list style.

See the constants in Psych::Nodes::Sequence for the possible values of style.


Here is a YAML document that exercises most of the possible ways this method can be called:

- !!seq [
- &pewpew
  - b

The above YAML document consists of three lists, an outer list that contains two inner lists. Here is a matrix of the parameters sent to represent these lists:

# anchor    tag                       implicit  style
[nil,       nil,                      true,     1     ]
[nil,       "tag:yaml.org,2002:seq",  false,    2     ]
["pewpew",  nil,                      true,     1     ]
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