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scalar(value, anchor, tag, plain, quoted, style) public

Called when a scalar value is found. The scalar may have an anchor, a tag, be implicitly plain or implicitly quoted

value is the string value of the scalar anchor is an associated anchor or nil tag is an associated tag or nil plain is a boolean value quoted is a boolean value style is an integer idicating the string style

See the constants in Psych::Nodes::Scalar for the possible values of style


Here is a YAML document that exercises most of the possible ways this method can be called:

- !str "foo"
- &anchor fun
- many
- |

The above YAML document contains a list with four strings. Here are the parameters sent to this method in the same order:

# value               anchor    tag     plain   quoted  style
["foo",               nil,      "!str", false,  false,  3    ]
["fun",               "anchor", nil,    true,   false,  1    ]
["many lines",        nil,      nil,    true,   false,  1    ]
["many\nnewlines\n",  nil,      nil,    false,  true,   4    ]
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