parse(source, opts = {}) public

Parse the JSON document source into a Ruby data structure and return it.

opts can have the following keys:

  • max_nesting: The maximum depth of nesting allowed in the parsed data

structures. Disable depth checking with :max_nesting => false. It defaults
to 19.
  • allow_nan: If set to true, allow NaN, Infinity and -Infinity in

defiance of RFC 4627 to be parsed by the Parser. This option defaults
to false.
  • symbolize_names: If set to true, returns symbols for the names

(keys) in a JSON object. Otherwise strings are returned. Strings are
the default.
  • create_additions: If set to false, the Parser doesn’t create

additions even if a matching class and create_id was found. This option
defaults to true.
  • object_class: Defaults to Hash

  • array_class: Defaults to Array

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