extname(p1) public

Returns the extension (the portion of file name in path after the period).

File.extname("test.rb")         #=> ".rb"
File.extname("a/b/d/test.rb")   #=> ".rb"
File.extname("test")            #=> ""
File.extname(".profile")        #=> ""
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January 27, 2010
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File name without the extension

To get the file name without the extension you can use File.extname in combination with File.basename

File.basename("test.rb", File.extname("test.rb"))             #=> "test"
File.basename("a/b/d/test.rb", File.extname("a/b/d/test.rb")) #=> "test"
File.basename("test", File.extname("test"))                   #=> "test"
File.basename(".profile", File.extname(".profile"))           #=> ".profile"