making_declared_methods_public(# :nodoc:) private

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# File lib/spec/matchers/matcher.rb, line 93
      def making_declared_methods_public # :nodoc:
        # Our home-grown instance_exec in ruby 1.8.6 results in any methods
        # declared in the block eval'd by instance_exec in the block to which we
        # are yielding here are scoped private. This is NOT the case for Ruby
        # 1.8.7 or 1.9.
        # Also, due some crazy scoping that I don't understand, these methods
        # are actually available in the specs (something about the matcher being
        # defined in the scope of Spec::Matchers or within an example), so not
        # doing the following will not cause specs to fail, but they *will*
        # cause features to fail and that will make users unhappy. So don't.
        orig_private_methods = private_methods
        st = (class << self; self; end)
        (private_methods - orig_private_methods).each {|m| st.__send__ :public, m}
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