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DEFAULT_NONCE_DIRECTIVES = %w[script-src style-src].freeze

DIRECTIVES = { base_uri: "base-uri", child_src: "child-src", connect_src: "connect-src", default_src: "default-src", font_src: "font-src", form_action: "form-action", frame_ancestors: "frame-ancestors", frame_src: "frame-src", img_src: "img-src", manifest_src: "manifest-src", media_src: "media-src", object_src: "object-src", prefetch_src: "prefetch-src", script_src: "script-src", style_src: "style-src", worker_src: "worker-src" }.freeze

MAPPINGS = { self: "'self'", unsafe_eval: "'unsafe-eval'", unsafe_inline: "'unsafe-inline'", none: "'none'", http: "http:", https: "https:", data: "data:", mediastream: "mediastream:", blob: "blob:", filesystem: "filesystem:", report_sample: "'report-sample'", strict_dynamic: "'strict-dynamic'", ws: "ws:", wss: "wss:" }.freeze


[R] directives
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