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deliver_later!(options = {}) public

Enqueues the email to be delivered through Active Job. When the job runs it will send the email using deliver_now!. That means that the message will be sent bypassing checking perform_deliveries and raise_delivery_errors, so use with caution.

Notifier.welcome(User.first).deliver_later!(wait: 1.hour)
Notifier.welcome(User.first).deliver_later!(wait_until: 10.hours.from_now)


  • :wait - Enqueue the email to be delivered with a delay

  • :wait_until - Enqueue the email to be delivered at (after) a specific date / time

  • :queue - Enqueue the email on the specified queue

By default, the email will be enqueued using ActionMailer::DeliveryJob. Each ActionMailer::Base class can specify the job to use by setting the class variable delivery_job.

class AccountRegistrationMailer < ApplicationMailer
  self.delivery_job = RegistrationDeliveryJob
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