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RAILS_DEV_PATH = File.expand_path("../../../../../..", File.dirname(__FILE__))

RESERVED_NAMES = %w[application destroy plugin runner test]

DEFAULT_ALIASES = { rails: { actions: '-a', orm: '-o', javascripts: '-j', javascript_engine: '-je', resource_controller: '-c', scaffold_controller: '-c', stylesheets: '-y', stylesheet_engine: '-se', template_engine: '-e', test_framework: '-t' }, test_unit: { fixture_replacement: '-r', } }

DEFAULT_OPTIONS = { rails: { assets: true, force_plural: false, helper: true, integration_tool: nil, javascripts: true, javascript_engine: :js, orm: false, resource_controller: :controller, resource_route: true, scaffold_controller: :scaffold_controller, stylesheets: true, stylesheet_engine: :css, test_framework: false, template_engine: :erb } }


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