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date_field(object_name, method, options = {}) public

Returns a text_field of type “date”.

date_field("user", "born_on")
# => <input id="user_born_on" name="user[born_on]" type="date" />

The default value is generated by trying to call “to_date” on the object’s value, which makes it behave as expected for instances of DateTime and ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone. You can still override that by passing the “value” option explicitly, e.g.

@user.born_on = Date.new(1984, 1, 27)
date_field("user", "born_on", value: "1984-05-12")
# => <input id="user_born_on" name="user[born_on]" type="date" value="1984-05-12" />
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