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In Rails 3.0, a Rails::Application object was introduced which is nothing more than an Engine but with the responsibility of coordinating the whole boot process.


Rails::Application is responsible for executing all railties, engines and plugin initializers. It also executes some bootstrap initializers (check Rails::Application::Bootstrap) and finishing initializers, after all the others are executed (check Rails::Application::Finisher).


Besides providing the same configuration as Rails::Engine and Rails::Railtie, the application object has several specific configurations, for example “allow_concurrency”, “cache_classes”, “consider_all_requests_local”, “filter_parameters”, “logger”, “reload_plugins” and so forth.

Check Rails::Application::Configuration to see them all.


The application object is also responsible for holding the routes and reloading routes whenever the files change in development.


The Application is also responsible for building the middleware stack.

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