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SERVE_STATIC_ASSETS_DEPRECATION_MESSAGE = <<-MSG.squish The configuration option `config.serve_static_assets` has been renamed to `config.serve_static_files` to clarify its role (it merely enables serving everything in the `public` folder and is unrelated to the asset pipeline). The `serve_static_assets` alias will be removed in Rails 5.0. Please migrate your configuration files accordingly. MSG


[R] encoding
[RW] x
[RW] filter_redirect
[RW] beginning_of_week
[RW] reload_classes_only_on_change
[RW] time_zone
[RW] session_options
[RW] static_cache_control
[RW] ssl_options
[RW] serve_static_files
[RW] secret_token
[RW] secret_key_base
[RW] relative_url_root
[RW] railties_order
[RW] log_tags
[RW] log_formatter
[RW] logger
[RW] helpers_paths
[RW] force_ssl
[RW] filter_parameters
[RW] file_watcher
[RW] exceptions_app
[RW] eager_load
[RW] console
[RW] consider_all_requests_local
[RW] cache_store
[RW] cache_classes
[RW] autoflush_log
[RW] assets
[RW] asset_host
[RW] allow_concurrency
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