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attr_accessible(*attributes) public

Specifies a white list of model attributes that can be set via mass-assignment, such as new(attributes), update_attributes(attributes), or attributes=(attributes)

This is the opposite of the attr_protected macro: Mass-assignment will only set attributes in this list, to assign to the rest of attributes you can use direct writer methods. This is meant to protect sensitive attributes from being overwritten by malicious users tampering with URLs or forms. If you’d rather start from an all-open default and restrict attributes as needed, have a look at attr_protected.

  class Customer < ActiveRecord::Base
    attr_accessible :name, :nickname

  customer = Customer.new(:name => "David", :nickname => "Dave", :credit_rating => "Excellent")
  customer.credit_rating # => nil
  customer.attributes = { :name => "Jolly fellow", :credit_rating => "Superb" }
  customer.credit_rating # => nil

  customer.credit_rating = "Average"
  customer.credit_rating # => "Average"
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