select_year(date, options = {}) public

Returns a select tag with options for each of the five years on each side of the current, which is selected. The five year radius can be changed using the :start_year and :end_year keys in the options. Both ascending and descending year lists are supported by making :start_year less than or greater than :end_year. The date can also be substituted for a year given as a number. Example:

  select_year(Date.today, :start_year => 1992, :end_year => 2007)  # ascending year values
  select_year(Date.today, :start_year => 2005, :end_year => 1900)  # descending year values
  select_year(2006, :start_year => 2000, :end_year => 2010)

Override the field name using the :field_name option, ‘year’ by default.

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