capture(*args, &block) public

Capture allows you to extract a part of the template into an instance variable. You can use this instance variable anywhere in your templates and even in your layout.


  <% @greeting = capture do %>
    Welcome To my shiny new web page!
  <% end %>
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February 22, 2011
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Passing arguments to block

To pass arguments to block being captured, just list them as capture method params. I.e.

def export(exportable, export_klass, options={}, &block)
  result = ""
  if block_given?
    result += capture(my_custom_var_i_want_to_pass_to_block, &block)

Then simply…

 <%= export(@a, @b) do |my_custom_var| %>
  <% if my_custom_var.nil? %>
    My custom var is nil!!!
  <% end %>
<% end %>
September 16, 2012
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