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construct_finder_sql_with_included_associations(options, join_dependency) private

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# File activerecord/lib/active_record/associations.rb, line 1629
        def construct_finder_sql_with_included_associations(options, join_dependency)
          scope = scope(:find)
          sql = "SELECT #{column_aliases(join_dependency)} FROM #{(scope && scope[:from]) || options[:from] || quoted_table_name} "
          sql << join_dependency.join_associations.collect{|join| join.association_join }.join

          add_joins!(sql, options[:joins], scope)
          add_conditions!(sql, options[:conditions], scope)
          add_limited_ids_condition!(sql, options, join_dependency) if !using_limitable_reflections?(join_dependency.reflections) && ((scope && scope[:limit]) || options[:limit])

          add_group!(sql, options[:group], options[:having], scope)
          add_order!(sql, options[:order], scope)
          add_limit!(sql, options, scope) if using_limitable_reflections?(join_dependency.reflections)
          add_lock!(sql, options, scope)

          return sanitize_sql(sql)
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