shift_log_period(period_end) private

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# File lib/logger.rb, line 834
    def shift_log_period(period_end)
      suffix = period_end.strftime(@shift_period_suffix)
      age_file = "#{@filename}.#{suffix}"
      if FileTest.exist?(age_file)
        # try to avoid filename crash caused by Timestamp change.
        idx = 0
        # .99 can be overridden; avoid too much file search with 'loop do'
        while idx < 100
          idx += 1
          age_file = "#{@filename}.#{suffix}.#{idx}"
          break unless FileTest.exist?(age_file)
      @dev.close rescue nil
      File.rename("#{@filename}", age_file)
      @dev = create_logfile(@filename)
      return true
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