license=(o) public

The license for this gem.

The license must be no more than 64 characters.

This should just be the name of your license. The full text of the license should be inside of the gem (at the top level) when you build it.

The simplest way, is to specify the standard SPDX ID spdx.org/licenses/ for the license. Ideally you should pick one that is OSI (Open Source Initiative) http://opensource.org/licenses/alphabetical approved.

The most commonly used OSI approved licenses are MIT and Apache-2.0. GitHub also provides a license picker at http://choosealicense.com/.

You should specify a license for your gem so that people know how they are permitted to use it, and any restrictions you’re placing on it. Not specifying a license means all rights are reserved; others have no rights to use the code for any purpose.

You can set multiple licenses with #licenses=


spec.license = 'MIT'
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