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# File lib/rubygems/commands/generate_index_command.rb, line 39
  def description # :nodoc:
    The generate_index command creates a set of indexes for serving gemsstatically.  The command expects a 'gems' directory under the path given tothe --directory option.  The given directory will be the directory you serveas the gem repository.For `gem generate_index --directory /path/to/repo`, expose /path/to/repo viayour HTTP server configuration (not /path/to/repo/gems).When done, it will generate a set of files like this:  gems/*.gem                                   # .gem files you want to                                               # index  specs.<version>.gz                           # specs index  latest_specs.<version>.gz                    # latest specs index  prerelease_specs.<version>.gz                # prerelease specs index  quick/Marshal.<version>/<gemname>.gemspec.rz # Marshal quick index fileThe .rz extension files are compressed with the inflate algorithm.The Marshal version number comes from ruby's Marshal::MAJOR_VERSION andMarshal::MINOR_VERSION constants.  It is used to ensure compatibility.
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