handler=(p1) public

sets event handler object. If handler object has onXXX method according to XXX event, then onXXX method is called when XXX event occurs.

If handler object has method_missing and there is no method according to the event, then method_missing called and 1-st argument is event name.

If handler object has onXXX method and there is block defined by WIN32OLE_EVENT#on_event(‘XXX’){}, then block is executed but handler object method is not called when XXX event occurs.

class Handler
  def onStatusTextChange(text)
    puts "StatusTextChanged"
  def onPropertyChange(prop)
    puts "PropertyChanged"
  def method_missing(ev, *arg)
    puts "other event #{ev}"

handler = Handler.new
ie = WIN32OLE.new('InternetExplorer.Application')
ev = WIN32OLE_EVENT.new(ie)
ev.on_event("StatusTextChange") {|*args|
  puts "this block executed."
  puts "handler.onStatusTextChange method is not called."
ev.handler = handler
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