build(args) public


Creates a new URI::MailTo object from components, with syntax checking.

Components can be provided as an Array or Hash. If an Array is used, the components must be supplied as [to, headers].

If a Hash is used, the keys are the component names preceded by colons.

The headers can be supplied as a pre-encoded string, such as “subject=subscribe&cc=address”, or as an Array of Arrays like

[‘subject’, ‘subscribe’], [‘cc’, ‘address’]


require 'uri'

m1 =['', 'subject=Ruby'])
puts m1.to_s  ->

m2 =['', [['Subject', 'Ruby'], ['Cc', '']]])
puts m2.to_s  ->

m3 ={:to => '', :headers => [['subject', 'subscribe']]})
puts m3.to_s  ->
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