compile_option=(p1) public

Sets the default values for various optimizations in the Ruby iseq compiler.

Possible values for options include true, which enables all options, false which disables all options, and nil which leaves all options unchanged.

You can also pass a Hash of options that you want to change, any options not present in the hash will be left unchanged.

Possible option names (which are keys in options) which can be set to true or false include:

  • :inline_const_cache

  • :instructions_unification

  • :operands_unification

  • :peephole_optimization

  • :specialized_instruction

  • :stack_caching

  • :tailcall_optimization

Additionally, :debug_level can be set to an integer.

These default options can be overwritten for a single run of the iseq compiler by passing any of the above values as the options parameter to ::new, ::compile and ::compile_file.

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