write_document( node, output ) protected

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# File lib/rexml/formatters/pretty.rb, line 107
      def write_document( node, output )
        # Ok, this is a bit odd.  All XML documents have an XML declaration,
        # but it may not write itself if the user didn't specifically add it,
        # either through the API or in the input document.  If it doesn't write
        # itself, then we don't need a carriage return... which makes this
        # logic more complex.
        node.children.each { |child|
          next if child == node.children[-1] and child.instance_of?(Text)
          unless child == node.children[0] or child.instance_of?(Text) or
            (child == node.children[1] and !node.children[0].writethis)
            output << "\n"
          write( child, output )
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