parse!(source, opts = {}) public

Parse the JSON document source into a Ruby data structure and return it. The bang version of the parse method defaults to the more dangerous values for the opts hash, so be sure only to parse trusted source documents.

opts can have the following keys:

  • max_nesting: The maximum depth of nesting allowed in the parsed data structures. Enable depth checking with :max_nesting => anInteger. The parse! methods defaults to not doing max depth checking: This can be dangerous if someone wants to fill up your stack.

  • allow_nan: If set to true, allow NaN, Infinity, and -Infinity in defiance of RFC 7159 to be parsed by the Parser. This option defaults to true.

  • create_additions: If set to false, the Parser doesn’t create additions even if a matching class and create_id was found. This option defaults to false.

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