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# File lib/rubygems/commands/sources_command.rb, line 101
  def description # :nodoc:
    RubyGems fetches gems from the sources you have configured (stored in your~/.gemrc).The default source is https://rubygems.org, but you may have other sourcesconfigured.  This guide will help you update your sources or configureyourself to use your own gem server.Without any arguments the sources lists your currently configured sources:  $ gem sources  *** CURRENT SOURCES ***  https://rubygems.orgThis may list multiple sources or non-rubygems sources.  You probablyconfigured them before or have an old `~/.gemrc`.  If you have sources youdo not recognize you should remove them.RubyGems has been configured to serve gems via the following URLs throughits history:* http://gems.rubyforge.org (RubyGems 1.3.6 and earlier)* http://rubygems.org       (RubyGems 1.3.7 through 1.8.25)* https://rubygems.org      (RubyGems 2.0.1 and newer)Since all of these sources point to the same set of gems you only need oneof them in your list.  https://rubygems.org is recommended as it brings theprotections of an SSL connection to gem downloads.To add a source use the --add argument:    $ gem sources --add https://rubygems.org    https://rubygems.org added to sourcesRubyGems will check to see if gems can be installed from the source givenbefore it is added.To remove a source use the --remove argument:    $ gem sources --remove http://rubygems.org    http://rubygems.org removed from sources
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