each(*args) public

Iterates over the block according to how this Enumerator was constructed. If no block and no arguments are given, returns self.


"Hello, world!".scan(/\w+/)                     #=> ["Hello", "world"]
"Hello, world!".to_enum(:scan, /\w+/).to_a      #=> ["Hello", "world"]
"Hello, world!".to_enum(:scan).each(/\w+/).to_a #=> ["Hello", "world"]

obj = Object.new

def obj.each_arg(a, b=:b, *rest)
  yield a
  yield b
  yield rest

enum = obj.to_enum :each_arg, :a, :x

enum.each.to_a                  #=> [:a, :x, []]
enum.each.equal?(enum)          #=> true
enum.each { |elm| elm }         #=> :method_returned

enum.each(:y, :z).to_a          #=> [:a, :x, [:y, :z]]
enum.each(:y, :z).equal?(enum)  #=> false
enum.each(:y, :z) { |elm| elm } #=> :method_returned
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