inspect() public

Returns a string containing a human-readable representation of obj. The default inspect shows the object’s class name, an encoding of the object id, and a list of the instance variables and their values (by calling #inspect on each of them). User defined classes should override this method to provide a better representation of obj. When overriding this method, it should return a string whose encoding is compatible with the default external encoding.

[ 1, 2, 3..4, 'five' ].inspect   #=> "[1, 2, 3..4, \"five\"]"                 #=> "2008-03-08 19:43:39 +0900"

class Foo
end                  #=> "#<Foo:0x0300c868>"

class Bar
  def initialize
    @bar = 1
end                  #=> "#<Bar:0x0300c868 @bar=1>"
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