div(p1, p2 = v2) public

Divide by the specified value.


If specified and less than the number of significant digits of the result, the result is rounded to that number of digits, according to BigDecimal.mode.

If digits is 0, the result is the same as for the / operator or #quo.

If digits is not specified, the result is an integer, by analogy with Float#div; see also BigDecimal#divmod.


a = BigDecimal("4")
b = BigDecimal("3")

a.div(b, 3)  # => 0.133e1

a.div(b, 0)  # => 0.1333333333333333333e1
a / b        # => 0.1333333333333333333e1
a.quo(b)     # => 0.1333333333333333333e1

a.div(b)     # => 1
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