listen( *args, &blok ) public

Listen arguments:

Symbol, Array, Block

Listen to Symbol events on Array elements

Symbol, Block

Listen to Symbol events

Array, Listener

Listen to all events on Array elements

Array, Block

Listen to :start_element events on Array elements


Listen to All events

Symbol can be one of: :start_element, :end_element, :start_prefix_mapping, :end_prefix_mapping, :characters, :processing_instruction, :doctype, :attlistdecl, :elementdecl, :entitydecl, :notationdecl, :cdata, :xmldecl, :comment

There is an additional symbol that can be listened for: :progress. This will be called for every event generated, passing in the current stream position.

Array contains regular expressions or strings which will be matched against fully qualified element names.

Listener must implement the methods in SAX2Listener

Block will be passed the same arguments as a SAX2Listener method would be, where the method name is the same as the matched Symbol. See the SAX2Listener for more information.

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