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Given a set of Gem::Dependency objects as needed and a way to query the set of available specs via set, calculates a set of ActivationRequest objects which indicate all the specs that should be activated to meet the all the requirements.


State = Struct.new(:needed, :specs, :dep, :spec, :possibles, :conflicts) do def summary # :nodoc: nd = needed.map { |s| s.to_s }.sort if nd if specs then ss = specs.map { |s| s.full_name }.sort ss.unshift ss.length end d = dep.to_s d << " from #{dep.requester.full_name}" if dep.requester ps = possibles.map { |p| p.full_name }.sort ps.unshift ps.length cs = conflicts.map do |(s, c)| [s.full_name, c.conflicting_dependencies.map { |cd| cd.to_s }] end { :needed => nd, :specs => ss, :dep => d, :spec => spec.full_name, :possibles => ps, :conflicts => cs } end end



[RW] soft_missing

When a missing dependency, don’t stop. Just go on and record what was missing.

[RW] skip_gems

Hash of gems to skip resolution. Keyed by gem name, with arrays of gem specifications as values.

[R] stats
[R] missing

List of dependencies that could not be found in the configured sources.

[RW] ignore_dependencies

When true, no dependencies are looked up for requested gems.

[RW] development_shallow

Set to true if immediate development dependencies should be considered.

[RW] development

Set to true if all development dependencies should be considered.

[R] conflicts

Contains all the conflicts encountered while doing resolution

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