getaddrinfo(p1, p2, p3 = v3, p4 = v4, p5 = v5, p6 = v6, p7 = v7) public

Obtains address information for nodename:servname.

family should be an address family such as: :INET, :INET6, :UNIX, etc.

socktype should be a socket type such as: :STREAM, :DGRAM, :RAW, etc.

protocol should be a protocol defined in the family, and defaults to 0 for the family.

flags should be bitwise OR of Socket::AI_* constants.

Socket.getaddrinfo("", "http", nil, :STREAM)
#=> [["AF_INET", 80, "", "", 2, 1, 6]] # PF_INET/SOCK_STREAM/IPPROTO_TCP

Socket.getaddrinfo("localhost", nil)
#=> [["AF_INET", 0, "localhost", "", 2, 1, 6],  # PF_INET/SOCK_STREAM/IPPROTO_TCP
#    ["AF_INET", 0, "localhost", "", 2, 2, 17], # PF_INET/SOCK_DGRAM/IPPROTO_UDP
#    ["AF_INET", 0, "localhost", "", 2, 3, 0]]  # PF_INET/SOCK_RAW/IPPROTO_IP

reverse_lookup directs the form of the third element, and has to be one of below. If reverse_lookup is omitted, the default value is nil.

+true+, +:hostname+:  hostname is obtained from numeric address using reverse lookup, which may take a time.
+false+, +:numeric+:  hostname is same as numeric address.
+nil+:              obey to the current +do_not_reverse_lookup+ flag.

If Addrinfo object is preferred, use Addrinfo.getaddrinfo.

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