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_racc_yyparse_c(p1, p2, p3, p4) private

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static VALUE
racc_yyparse(VALUE parser, VALUE lexer, VALUE lexmid, VALUE arg, VALUE sysdebug)
    volatile VALUE vparams;
    struct cparse_params *v;

    vparams = Data_Make_Struct(CparseParams, struct cparse_params,
                               cparse_params_mark, -1, v);
    v->sys_debug = RTEST(sysdebug);
    D_puts("start C yyparse");
    vparams = initialize_params(vparams, parser, arg, lexer, lexmid);
    v->lex_is_iterator = TRUE;
    D_puts("params initialized");
    parse_main(v, Qnil, Qnil, 0);
    if (!v->fin) {
        rb_raise(rb_eArgError, "%s() is finished before EndOfToken",

    return v->retval;
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