post(path, data, initheader = nil, dest = nil) public

Posts data (must be a String) to path. header must be a Hash like { ‘Accept’ => ‘/’, … }.

This method returns a Net::HTTPResponse object.

If called with a block, yields each fragment of the entity body in turn as a string as it is read from the socket. Note that in this case, the returned response object will not contain a (meaningful) body.

dest argument is obsolete. It still works but you must not use it.

This method never raises exception.

response ='/cgi-bin/search.rb', 'query=foo')

# using block'result.txt', 'w') {|f|'/cgi-bin/search.rb', 'query=foo') do |str|
    f.write str

You should set Content-Type: header field for POST. If no Content-Type: field given, this method uses “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” by default.

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