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platform=(platform) public

The platform this gem runs on.

This is usually Gem::Platform::RUBY or Gem::Platform::CURRENT.

Most gems contain pure Ruby code; they should simply leave the default value in place. Some gems contain C (or other) code to be compiled into a Ruby “extension”. The should leave the default value in place unless their code will only compile on a certain type of system. Some gems consist of pre-compiled code (“binary gems”). It’s especially important that they set the platform attribute appropriately. A shortcut is to set the platform to Gem::Platform::CURRENT, which will cause the gem builder to set the platform to the appropriate value for the system on which the build is being performed.

If this attribute is set to a non-default value, it will be included in the filename of the gem when it is built such as: nokogiri-1.6.0-x86-mingw32.gem


spec.platform = Gem::Platform.local
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