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to_p() public

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# File ext/dl/win32/lib/win32/sspi.rb, line 105
                        def to_p
                                # Assumption is that when to_p is called we are going to get a packed structure. Therefore,
                                # set @unpacked back to nil so we know to unpack when accessors are next accessed.
                                @unpacked = nil
                                # Assignment of inner structure to variable is very important here. Without it,
                                # will not be able to unpack changes to the structure. Alternative, nested unpacks,
                                # does not work (i.e. @struct.unpack("LLP12")[2].unpack("LLP12") results in "no associated pointer")
                                @sec_buffer ||= [@bufferSize, @type, @buffer].pack("LLP")
                                @struct ||= [SECBUFFER_VERSION, 1, @sec_buffer].pack("LLP")
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