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tcp_server_sockets(host=nil, port) public

creates TCP/IP server sockets for host and port. host is optional.

If no block given, it returns an array of listening sockets.

If a block is given, the block is called with the sockets. The value of the block is returned. The socket is closed when this method returns.

If port is 0, actual port number is choosen dynamically. However all sockets in the result has same port number.

# tcp_server_sockets returns two sockets.
sockets = Socket.tcp_server_sockets(1296)
p sockets #=> [#<Socket:fd 3>, #<Socket:fd 4>]

# The sockets contains IPv6 and IPv4 sockets.
sockets.each {|s| p s.local_address }
#=> #<Addrinfo: [::]:1296 TCP>
#   #<Addrinfo: TCP>

# IPv6 and IPv4 socket has same port number, 53114, even if it is choosen dynamically.
sockets = Socket.tcp_server_sockets(0)
sockets.each {|s| p s.local_address }
#=> #<Addrinfo: [::]:53114 TCP>
#   #<Addrinfo: TCP>

# The block is called with the sockets.
Socket.tcp_server_sockets(0) {|sockets|
  p sockets #=> [#<Socket:fd 3>, #<Socket:fd 4>]
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